Friday, March 9, 2012

still sick!

This cold will never go away. I went to classes again this week monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. I went to the treadmill one day this week but past that I have not really done any excersise. I cant believe the cold I have. My sinus is still completley stuffed up and the whole rest of my house is sick. I went online to do some research to see if it was safe to be working out while I was ill and here is what I found out. 1) if you are sick with a cold then yes , you can train, moderate to light training is recommented . Ramp up your fluid intake drink an extra bottle of water for every hour you train. I have a bottle that is 0.6 litres. I have found this week and last that with this cold I cannot stay hydrated so I am aiming for drinking the whole bottle at least 4 times in a day. 2) if you have the fevery yucky flu. Do not train, you will prolong your illness if you do . Your body needs the nutrion to heal you from your illness, if you " damage" your muscles by training then your body will use those nutrients to heal your muscles, thus prolonging your illness. My other stratagey this week has been to subscribe to " Womens Heath" magazine. They send wonderful tips to my email each day and I am starting to get interested in the science of health. I also did a " pole dance" class this week which blew my mind. Aparently I CAN lift my own body weight. Next week I will take the updated photo .

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