Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Week 18 not going to measure.

I am going to do my measurements monthly. This has become my lifestyle so I am going to concentrate of much more than just the weight loss. I am finding that I am stuck as I mentioned before, plateaued in many ways in my life. Financially plateaued as we need more income than we are getting. Finacially insecurity and stress causes me to eat without thought and simply function through my life. My first goal is going to be to increase my income withough getting a second job. I do this for two reasons, first off, I am married to a writer. I am doing research now to see how I can do that. One plan I have is to look into ebay selling and survey answering. Another option is to maybe begin to sell some of my photographs. I am hopefull that I can begin this when I save enough for my new camera. Camera acc is at 50.00 only 450.00 to go hehe. Every day that goes by I am closer. Everytime I want to freak out and eat and stress and spend I just think ok.. become addicted to saving and excersise NOT to spend. I am in the planning stages. I have to do my part to keep the financial peace in our house and keep me from eating my face off in the mean time. So I am off to research . Pilates class tonight .. I am still so sore from " what a waist" last night at " The Vertical Gym" in Campbell River. What a butt kick is more like it. Must be doing something I sure hurt today .

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