Thursday, February 9, 2012

Week 17 Measurements

waist 35.5 hips 39.5 bust 42.5 thigh 22 arms 13 weight 183. OK, so i must be holding water today or something . I am up an inch in my bust, down in my hips. same in my waist. Up in my thighs , arms and that makes me feel HORRIBLE. Also , I had the scale at 180 on the weekend. SO, as I have been without my estrogen for a few days ( I ran out of medication) I am going with the assumption that I am holding on to alot of fluid. Admittedly I ate Mcdonalds yesterday. The salt alone in that would be enough to make me retain fluid. I am going to just let it go and keep going. Do my measurements again next week and we will if it makes a large difference. Like I said before. I am a food addict. I am always wanting the candies, the gummies, the salty fast food. I have to begin to win the food war or all the exercise in the world is never going to make a difference. SO, today is the day . I HAVE to lose the weight. I have been working out like crazy for a month with little results. The food is the only thing that can be doing it at this point so fine, Im done. NO FOOD after dinner. That is the hard and fast rule as of today. NONE. It is my biggest vice. That and NO fast food. I am going for sushi with co-workers today. Thats fine, not so bad. sigh. Its horrible to feel so trapped. I guess all I can do is keep going.

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