Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Sushi.. friend of foe?

Going out for a healthy lunch today to celebrate a friend writing her final exam at work. MMMM sushi, I have done a little homework and found a site called www.eathingrules.com it seems to be one person's story similar to my own in the sense that he is making " food sense" . I have found that over the time I have been going through the motions here I have not done much in the way of weight loss, I have forced off about 5 lbs and that is just going from doing nothing to something. Now I am eating clean and I have already from what I can tell shed a little more weight. I am not weighing in until the 15th of the month so I am not entirely sure but I sure feel like I am smaller. So , sushi today, and I will try to avoid the wonderful world of tempura and sodium, if that is at all possible. I think I feel a cold coming on. Today my throat is sore, my sinuses stuffy and at the gym last night we were doing squats and bur-pees across the room and I got that funny faint feeling with the ear ringing. I really wasn't doing anything that I haven't been able to do before so I can only assume it must be because I have a bug. I guess I will have to see what happens tonight when I go to class. Maybe its time to do some new pictures too.. have to decide tonight.. I have defiantly lost inches but i don't know how many. Its funny I am almost afraid to see what the number is because if it isn't that much I will feel as I am a failure. I know I'm not.. its Psychological. 20 weeks at this is a long time. In 6 more weeks it will be half a year. It is interesting to me how much of this has been a mental process. My PHYSICAL transformation is not so astounding I have to admit, I am not bound for any contest win or TV appearance. My blog has not busted out into the main stream , but I can tell you I thought twice before I ate icecream last night, I drink 8 glasses of water a day now for the most part. I take fish oil when I remember and I drink Tea instead of pop. This biggest change I can hardly believe is the change in my Fibromyalgia. I am going to do more research and type up a post on what I learn because the change in my life has been unbelievable. I am pain free. I have NOT been pain free in 5 years.. maybe longer. take away wheat and white sugar.. add exercises. As far as I am concerned that is the cure.. forget medication and disability. More on that later though. as for today. 10 minutes to Sushi. daily dollars spent 15.00.

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