Sunday, January 15, 2012

Rotator cuff

I cant believe it. I have torn my rotator cuff! ( Shoulder) I am not giving up on my excercise routine though.. I will have to modify slightly but omg does it hurt!!.
lots of fun with T-3 though heheh ( Tylenol with codeine). SO I am in for physio and a recovery ugh but oh well like I say .. just part of the process I guess. Its funny I never would have thought that I would be upset at the prospect of not being able to work out.. I have had such a major switch in my head.
not much to say today as I am um a little wonky. BUT I am happy to report I am down 4 inches and 1 pound after starting my training with Kaiya Mcpay . She is the trainer I have hired.
Anyways that is the update for now :)

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