Sunday, January 29, 2012

more than I know what to do with

I have sat around for most of the day today. Cleaning the kids room with her, going through clothes etc. I feel like now I can run a 10k marathon though. I have more energy than I know what to do with . I have cleaned .. still wired.
if I did not have company on the way I might just go out and try to jog. I have not mastered the ability to jog . I might try that on the treadmill this week. I can go for about a minute but then my heart rate is really high and I feel like I want to die.. I just don't think I am there yet.
I am beginning to look at food a little differently though, realizing the power that it takes to burn off one or two little extra calories.
We were in Mcdonalds for lunch yesterday and I made the mistake of looking at the nutritional information. I was blown away .
I know it is no secret that Mcdonalds is a horrible place to eat nutritional, hell I worked there for a long time.
BUT, when I was in a place where I really didn't care well.. I just didn't care.
One little cheeseburger was get this 250 calories... 11 grams of fat. AND trans fats. You know the size of a Mcdonalds cheeseburger , they are universal. I was blown away!
so I ate one..
promised myself that it was a treat though and not to be repeated on a daily or even weekly basis.
Im hungry today though, facing the challenge of not alot to eat in the cupboard and trying to make healthy choices. Gawd I hope my hubby brings up his end of the income scheme soon. Its getting rough out here.

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