Tuesday, January 31, 2012

down down down

Well I am a very happy girl!! I got my weight and measurements done at the gym yesterday and they vary slightly from the ones I did at home, no biggie. The BIG deal is that the gym had my starting measurements. I am down a total of 8.5 inches all told. I am so thrilled because to be honest I dont really feel like I have made such a huge change in my life.
I am starting to really like excersising though. I feel like if I miss a workout I have to do somthing to make up for it.
I have stopped working with my trainer though, money and my shoulder make it hard for me to do the work out with her. I am still going to 2 classes a week at the vertical gym and on my lunch breaks going to the other gym behind my work. So ,.,,,, I am really working on doing something every day.
Its amazing really.. I dont feel all that different but I do . My belly dosnt sit on my desk at work so much and my house is more clean . I have began to save a little money. not much but a little. and it will grow. I am able to think while I work out and I am getting a little clarity on some issues in my life, my marriage being a big one.
I still dont know what to do there, one day I think we will be ok and the next I am fearful that I cant be in love with him. I hate him for not contributing and at the same time he tells me what to tell him to make it happen. Living with an Adhd man is hard.
But this is a positive post so none of that!!!
more later and less of me to tell about it it

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