Monday, November 7, 2011

On Fire!!

OK I have broken my depressive slump. No... sadly that does not mean that things are any better but I feel better.
I have re-joined weight watchers. Today is My first day . I decided that I need the structure. I have never successfully done this program before but today at 230 in the afternoon I am off to a flying start. I have drank 3 of my 8 glasses of water . ( damn i have to pee alot) I have had a good breakfast and lunch and been reading success stories to keep me going. I am right back up to the 186 lbs that I started at but oh well I am not going to care today. Today I am going to feel amazing.
As for my marriage this week, well I guess I am in the place of " its too much headache and heart ache to try and figure out today " Things have mellowed out, He is working on being less angry and generally a happier person.
I know that is because he is happy with what he is doing for work at the moment but there is no telling him that. It is like watching a train wreck when he is miserable. I think the best thing in our lives would be for an income to stabilize and we could leave all the turmoil behind us. Otherwise.. we will never make it.
BUT TODAY I am being positive. I am going to go home, have a dinner with my family ( if my little sick chicken will eat) and then go to bed early after playing WoW for a bit and finishing a dishcloth.
Full steam ahead on weight watchers day 1

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