Sunday, October 30, 2011

time for me

Ok, so , I think that I need to just focus on me and my life. I did manage to gain 3 lbs back . Oh well I am not going to wallow over that. Time for me . I no longer care how distant and workaholic my husband is. That will sort itself out in the wash however its going to. The sad truth is that he is not doing anything but being the same him he has always been. I just dont know if that is the him that fits with me. I have been trying to change the man for 4 years it isnt going to happen and more the fool me for thinking it would. Stupid I know. I know the rules... I know you get what you get and there isnt any surprises behind door number 3 after you get married. we even had the discussion between us when it was all happenening. That said.. I am in this at the moment and need to get my shit together in my life and forget about what may or may not be happening in his. self preservation and all that Jazz.
so, Tomorrow is Halloween and I am mentally back on my headless horse :)
I sorta feel like I am going at life alone.. I dont think that is a bad thing right now.
Thank god for Princess Alyakam.

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