Sunday, October 2, 2011


Dear Me,
I have the worst headache today. I am thinking that I am going to have to modify this low carb thing a little bit ( just a bit) because of the food that I dont have in my cuboard and dont have the money too buy. I am also thinking that I need to set out pretty srtict rules otherwise this is hopeless. so here goes
1) lean protein, fruit once a day and veggies as I want them . period.
2) only one diet pop and one coffee with sweetener and cream a day .
3) at least 8 glasses of water.
4) as much herbal tea as I can get down my throat
5) beans are ok
6) after I am through week 1 then I have to get on my bike at least twice a week to start.
those are realistic rules for me .
I am beginning tomorrow ( for real) it is a Monday and October 3rd. I have to be down lbs at least by November so that is 5 weeks. that is a total weight loss of 3 lbs a week. Risky but I think I can do it..
I KNOW i can do it.
here I go mmmm apple chips for a snack yum yum.
OH and my husband i ordered me " the new Atkins for a new you " from amazon, oh Yeah and he has a new built in exercise program.. Sophie the puppy! heheheh I call her piss and vinegar.

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