Thursday, October 13, 2011

ooooh PHO!

so I have a love for food, this is not surprise. I have decided I am unafraid of restaurants and their challenges!. Today for lunch I am heading out for PHO, a Vietnamese soup that would normally have rice noodles, basil , meats, bean sprouts and broth. I am going to just order it without the noodles and by my calculations should be nice and low carb. This is still my first week at 20 net carbs per day . I am only on Day 3 due to my slight Thanksgiving mishap over the weekend but I feel fairly confident that on Weight day (Saturday) I am still going to be down a few more. So, we will see how the Pho goes today.. I am using the Ketosticks to search for Ketones in urine ( ew pee sticks I know ) and not everyone uses them but I find them a real way to judge how on track I am ,. if I am getting enough water etc etc. Then onward to dishcloths tonight... have another 4 to do whoo hoo. Its a good day!

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