Saturday, October 15, 2011

gooood bye to the 80's.

goal! well Semi goal... I am at 179 that is down 7 lbs from where I started from and I accomplished my first goal of no longer being in the 180-190 range. YES! On to week three.. the last few days were really challenging not to eat. We had an "indecent " at work. I work at a bank you can do the math and figure out what could be traumatizing about anything there.. yup we were robbed and it was scary. Secondly there is not alot of food in my house so low carb choices are difficutl this week but I have done it, I have stuck to my WOE ( way of eating ) and now I am sitting here feeling better about myself than I have in a long time.. I think alot of that is just sticking to plan. 7 lbs is no huge weight loss but it is huge to know that I have survived a few trials and not run back the easy way of eating my sorrows away. Kinda like the first time I went to the bar without having a cigarette.
Cheers to me!!

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