Saturday, October 8, 2011

Down 3 ., down low

SO got on the scales this morning as it is Saturday and I am down 3 lbs!! whoohoo that feels pretty amazing. I am also down a little low personally though. I hate to give in to describing the negative to give it power, but in order to describe my situation I have to give a voice to what is today.
We are in a situation where money is tight if not non existent. I am in the process of trying to put together Thanksgiving dinner on 50.00. I have a mom who lives with us that thought she signed up for a secure ride and really she carries us most of the time. I work my ass off and my husband is trying desperately to make an income being a writer, as is his trade.
I am a believer in " the secret | and all things surrounded by the laws of attraction. I try hard to keep my head in a place that is constantly bringing good things in to my life. it is exhausting

My husband has ADHD, he is determined that this is his career but I see him having to get another job at some point as I cant see where we can do this forever. Anyways it is very stressful I have been living like this for almost 5 years. I just dont know where the solution comes in. Really I have never been a person to " pray" . I dont even really know who I would be praying too, but if I could ask fate for a favor I think it would be to just have financial freedom . Something has to give!!..
Those are things I do not have much control over, but the things that I do have control over are things like my weight. so on that note this Thanksgiving I am thankful to be down 3 lbs. Here is my current weekley photo.

Happy turkey weekend.

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