Thursday, October 6, 2011

Dinner last night

Ok, so i handled dinner last night in a way that left me feelign good today. I had whatever I wanted. I know that is probably the wrong approach but here is my thinking. If this is my new way of life, ( low carb) then there are going to be times in my life that I am going to want a treat. Holidays etc. The pitfall I have had before is I have treated this issue as a DIET issue. I am not dieting I am changing my life. So, I decided to use that mentality and the beautiful part of the whole thing is that I got right back on track today . I am not feeling guilty or deprived. I behaved all day yesterday until dinner, and again when dinner was done. I love food, I guess its probably the only thing that we mutually enjoy. Food is common ground. So I have decided to embrace that. It is the inbetween days that have put 60lbs on me not the once in a blue moon days. so here I am back on track feeling good. Saturday is weigh in day , Im not even sure if I am going to weigh myself. but I will post a photo. that works as well. Anyways almost lunch time mmmmmmm food. gawd I love food. heheh

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