Saturday, October 1, 2011

accountability sucks

Dear me ,
so accountability sucks. If I was not being accountable to myself I could ignore the fact that today, one simple little candy slip spiraled into a rational to eat what ever the hell I wanted.
Seriously I feel like one of the people you see on TV whining about their food addiction. I have to tell you , it tougher out there in weight loss land than I thought it was going to be.
so , I am back on track as of right now. I am still picking the last of the chocolate out of my teeth mind you , so a few things have not begun to happen yet. I am not craving sugar because my glucose levels are still deliciously high from my awful dinner( mmmm BBQ chips) I do not have a headache and I cant feel my poor Fibromyalgia creaking body due to the Tylenol with Codeine in my blood. Tomorrow though, no matter what I am going to stay on track. Veggies and protein. 20 net grams of carb, It is only for 2 weeks so I can handle that. I have done it before. Funny, i dont feel badly about falling off the wagon actually. I WAS feeling bad about it until I began to write. Now, its better .

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