Thursday, September 29, 2011

Knitting for the first 15

So, here it is. I am 31 almost 32, never been in shape, never been
"thin" and never managed to get my knitting business off the ground. So there ya go, that is a whole lot of " nevers".
I am a successful banker, a mom , an unhappily married woman. There are alot of things I am .
This blog is really for only me, to keep me accountable. Today is September 29. I am going to lose 60 pounds. I am as I sit here today 185 lbs, and 5 foot three. I really thing the secret to sucess is that I am not telling anyone this time. I have signed up for every weightloss site from Aitkins to Weight Watchers. the place I always fall off the bus is that I tell people what I am up too. This is my journal. Only for me and whoever happens to stumble on it.
The road is Aitkins, despite the contraversy I believe it will work for me, I am a total sugar addict. Yeah I ate 3 pieces of cake today and about 30 mini chocolate bars. It is only 3:15 in the afternoon. there has to be a zero tolerance level on the sugar. So I am starting NOW. yes I am starting a new lifestyle at 3:15 in the afternoon on a Thursday. Why? becuase I really cant think of a better time to do it. Sure I could plan but then what? I would just plan for another week and frankly there is 15 pounds I need to lose by November 10 so I have no time to waste.
This is all about me, its a little vain and I am ok with that. So the only rule I am giving myself is when I want to eat all that sugary wonderful goodness that never lets me down . I am going to knit. I am the owner of Faerywytch Knits. ( plug plug) and I have a goal to raise money with my knitting for the Canadian Cancer society. In my perfect little fantasy one aides the other.
The first three days will suck, not going to lie or sugar coat ( Sugar coat HAH!) see what did I tell you , an addict! but I will journal every night. I will , I will , I will, !.
This will be the only place I keep track of my numbers. Here I go. Yay me!

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