Friday, September 30, 2011

day one for real

So I did my best yesterday to make it day one, that idea flopped mostly . I was far to upset over an ill relative and I ate my way into the bottom of a box of Halloween

candies. Just to be clear I might be able to actually make someone bleed for one of those candies right now. 10 pm and I have managed no sugar, no grains, no crap all day.
I seriously thought about adding a before picture and measurements and all that shit, but i have decided against most of it.
The picture is there because I want proof that yes I actually was a rotund chubby monkey and didnt go all this for the posterity .
I have however decided against the measurements . I dont need to know that yay my 40 inch waist is now only 39.5. whoot for a friggin half an inch, That has never made me really " jazzed to keep going.
I will post how much weight I have lost though, I think that's important.
so now with my " before" picture out there for the world I am going to go to bed. That will save me from munching. Too tired to knit tonight.

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